Club History

The inaugural meeting to establish Canon Frome Cricket Club (CFCC) was held at the Hopton Arms Ashperton near Ledbury, Herefordshire in March 1938. The ground in 1938 was at Mainstone Court Pixley, close to the Trumpet crossroads.  In 1939 a full fixtures list was arranged and work commenced to prepare the square. Unfortunately Mainstone Court was sold soon after with the club having to move to a field at the Nupend, Ashperton.  The onset of the second world war further hindered club development with only a very few local games being played in 1940/41 before it was decided that CFCC should close down for the duration of the War.

A new start was made in 1946 and the Club quickly grew in strength.  The Nupend remained the ground until 1965 when Messrs Davies offered use of the present ground at Wassington, Ashperton. So the 2015 season will be the 50th year anniversary at Wassington.

When league cricket came to Herefordshire in 1973, CFCC joined the Hereford Times League and were league champions in 1979 and 1982.  The 2ndXI was formed in the 1970’s and joined the league in 1980.  In 1996, the club switched to the recently formed Marches League into which the Hereford Times League has gradually been absorbed.  The 1stXI were league champions in 2001. At the 2006 AGM the club elected to move from the Marches League to the Worcester Crusader league for the 2007 season.

In 2013 a long term lease was established opening the opportunity for further club developments and access to grant funding.

For the 2014 season the ground boundary was extended and a new fence line installed.

The Club won Division 6 of the Worcester Crusader league two years in a row 2013 and 2014. Unable to attain promotion without a Second XI the playing members agreed to move back to the Marches League for the 2015 season following an invitation to re-join in Division 1. 

Canon Frome Cricket Club is an archetypal, traditional village club.  It has an old and venerable pavilion, a sloping pitch and short boundaries. Most of the players live (or were brought up) in local villages. The current members come from a variety of backgrounds, are of all ages and the atmosphere is invariably cheerful and friendly.

Canon Frome Cricket Club hit the international record books in 1980. In a 40 over match the club scored 419-6 against Much Marcle, the 15th highest score worldwide in Minor Cricket and 5th worldwide in “40 over” games. Considering the records go back to the late 18th century this was quite an achievement. We are looking to repeat or improve this performance and are always on the look out for players of all standards, young and old.

The Club currently runs two Saturday sides and one Sunday side. We have an active midweek fixture list playing touring teams and T20 games.  The Junior set up inludes: U9, U11, U13 & U15 teams.

"Everyone gets a bat down the Frome!"

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